The most common mistakes when taking steroids

Experts believe that more than two million people in the world involved in sports take steroids. Of this large army of athletes using steroids, only 10% do it right, the other 90% endanger their health. This state of affairs is largely due to the fact that the use of steroids occurs without appropriate medical supervision and with a minimum of knowledge and skills on the part of the athletes themselves. This amateurish approach to the use of steroids is usually ineffective and often fraught with side effects that could have been avoided. Although the spectrum of these errors is unusually diverse, it is possible to identify the most common ones.

This article attempts to shed light on seven of the most common mistakes made by steroid users. These errors prevent you from getting the most out of your steroids. Anyone using or planning to use anabolic steroids should carefully review their program. Make sure you are not one of the tens of thousands of athletes who, alas, are putting their health at absolutely unnecessary risks.

Use of excessive doses

When it comes to steroids, the more, the better principle is often wrong. Overdosing has become a major problem for steroid users. This practice is not only dangerous, but also ineffective. Large doses force the liver and kidneys to work in extreme conditions, which can lead to their disease. The aromatization and suppression of the production of its own testosterone can be excessive under the influence of excessive steroid doses. Thus, it is easy to see that using too much anabolic steroids is harmful to your body. The human body can only process a certain amount of synthetic steroids. He is unable to absorb excess doses and most often converts excess steroids into estrogens.

As soon as the receptor sites capture the optimum possible number of steroid molecules, all other molecules are redundant. Such optimal “filling” of receptor sites occurs when not too high doses of steroids are introduced into the body, for example, the optimal dose of Dianabol , which is sufficient for maximum saturation of receptors, is 35-50 mg per day. Those. all the stories that the current champions take up to 50 tablets of Dianabol per day and up to 2500 mg of Testosterone per week, let them remain on the conscience of the storytellers.

Poor nutrition

Ignoring the role of nutrition can significantly weaken the anabolic effect of steroids and increase their side effects. Steroids are most effective when used in conjunction with foods high in calories and high in protein. The only steroid that appears to be somewhat anabolic on a low-calorie diet is Primobolan .

The optimal amount of calories consumed during the day when using steroids is 4000-7000 kcal. This amount should be 60% complex carbohydrates, 20% complete proteins and 20% fat. Additional efforts may be required to achieve this. Many athletes eat too little to make steroids work properly, and if they are consuming enough calories, it is often due to too much fat in their diet. The use of anabolic steroids can already raise blood cholesterol and blood pressure, which can lead to heart disease.

If an athlete is serious about taking advantage of the benefits that steroids provide, he must learn that proper nutrition is part of the steroid program. You should always try to avoid the inclusion of fat in your diet, so as not to exacerbate the risk of heart disease, which is already fraught with the use of steroids. At the same time, it is imperative to ensure that the diet contains the required amount of proteins, and that in terms of calorie content it corresponds to the level that helps to achieve the maximum effectiveness of steroids.

Incorrect workouts

Resistance training must be intense in order to induce a state of catabolism in the body. It is in the presence of this condition that steroids are most active. The athlete can achieve this state of the body with regular intense training. It should be remembered that resistance training stimulates the “absorption” of anabolic steroids into skeletal muscle cells. Without intense stimulation, steroids will not work well for your muscles. Training should be progressive and orientated towards maximum resistance.

Wrong periodization of cycles

Steroids are most effective and safe when used with the right cycling and the right combination of multiple steroids. It has been found that the simultaneous use of two steroids in moderate doses can be very effective and safe. It was also found through testing that in order to maintain an initial positive nitrogen balance, it was necessary to gradually increase the dosage of steroids. It has also been found that positive nitrogen balance returns to normal after 6-8 weeks of steroid use. These facts indicate that a gradual dose escalation model should be used during the steroid cycle, and that it is best to change steroid types at intervals of no more than 8 weeks.

Research also shows that the side effects, strength and weight loss that occur when steroid therapy is discontinued, can be minimized by using the correct descending cycle. This cycle implies a gradual reduction in the dosage of the drugs taken by the end of the period. This is done in order to gradually return the body’s own testosterone production to normal. The rhombus cycle model, described in one of the first chapters, best takes into account all the factors listed here. The steroid cycle should always be followed by a long period without steroid use. Many users take breaks of only a few weeks, and then again “sit down” on steroids.

Available evidence suggests a longer period without steroid use; a break of 3-4 months will be optimal. This amount of time is needed to enable the body to bounce back and get rid of the stress associated with the steroid cycle. Steroid receptor sites are much more active if the user alternates steroid cycles with significantly longer periods without steroid use. The majority of those surveyed state that the longer they do not take steroids, the greater their effect when returning to the cycle.

Lack of regularity in getting blood tests

An initial blood test should be done in order to establish the individual blood counts of a given user, and later compare with them possible changes in blood under the influence of steroids. If these changes are too drastic, it might be logical to abandon steroids altogether. If the first test shows that you are completely healthy and can use steroids, then the next test is done about 6 weeks after the start of the cycle. Within a few weeks at the very beginning of the steroid cycle, many blood parameters change for the worse, but then return to normal after a couple of weeks.

The delivery of the second analysis 6 weeks after the start of the cycle allows you to step over this period of temporary deviation from the norm of blood counts and get a more accurate picture. If the second analysis shows a further increase in deviations from the norm, it may be justified to terminate the cycle in order to avoid more serious complications. If this analysis does not reveal any deviations from the norm, the next analysis should be performed one month after the end of the cycle, in order to see how the body overcomes the consequences of taking steroids.

And finally, one more analysis should be done just before the start of the next steroid cycle. This analysis must demonstrate a complete return of all blood counts to normal; only in this case can you start a new cycle. The test results can prevent many serious complications that do not yet show any symptoms. In the end, it may turn out that you missed it too late. Unfortunately, very few steroid users undergo regular blood tests.

Incorrectly selected steroids

Many athletes increase the risk of complications and side effects by using the wrong spheroids. Anadrol , Halotestin and Methyltestosterone should be considered among the most dangerous drugs. If you think you need to use these particular drugs, never take them for more than 4-6 weeks.

Also, when using multiple steroids concurrently, do not take more than one drug with a strong androgenic effect. It is better to opt for steroids for intramuscular injections: they not only provide a constant flow of the drug into the bloodstream, but also step over the stage through which oral steroids lose a large share of their potential. This stage is associated with the entry of steroids into the liver; in the liver, oral steroids are largely neutralized, causing great damage to this organ.

Most athletes still do not know that they can achieve huge gains in strength and mass using steroids with a low androgenic effect. This avoids many of the dangers associated with the androgenic effects of steroids. Steroid cycles with drugs such as Deca , Primobolan, Winstrol , Anavar and small doses of Dianabol have been shown to be very effective.

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