Things to remember when choosing a steroid cycle

On our website, we have provided only the most common cycles of receiving pharmacology.  They cannot be universal and equally suitable for all athletes. This is due to the fact that different drugs act on all of us in different ways, and simply with a difference in length of service, experience, initial weight among different athletes. Therefore, it is quite possible that you will have to slightly adjust the existing cycles.


It must be remembered that many drugs, possessing the same active ingredient, often have different quality and, as a result, price. The most illustrative examples are Deca-Durabolin and Nandrolone Decanoate. Despite the fact that the active substance in both preparations is absolutely the same quality of Deca is still slightly higher. But nandrolone is cheaper. Therefore, based on your own capabilities, you choose a specific drug.

In addition, it happens that one of the drugs is not available or not available. And if the cycle says “deca-durabolin”, this does not mean that the cycle needs it and only it – Nandrolone Decanoat is also quite suitable. But on Superanabolon replace Deco will not work in a slightly different Superanabolone active substance – nandrolone phenylpropionate , which has a shorter duration. Therefore, in the cycles Superanabolone plays a slightly different role.

Often, the choice of a drug is played by its packaging. For example, in the cycle you have indicated Anabol – the drug is certainly good. But what if you don’t need 1000 tablets and don’t want to spend extra money? There is only one way out – to replace it with the well-known Methandrostenolone .Therefore, if the need arises, remember that the drugs in the cycles can be replaced.


A cycle you like very often may not suit you with its duration. For example – too short, weak. Or, on the contrary, it is too long, but you would like to follow the same scheme, but half as much. In this case, you are also free to change the duration in both directions. But if you shorten the cycle, do not forget to proportionally reduce the amount of drugs taken.

If in the original cycle a certain steroid was used (roughly speaking) at a dosage of 100 mg for 10 weeks (in the amount of 1000 mg), then if you shorten the cycle to 8 weeks, the total dosage should already be 800 mg, you should not try to inject the same 1000 mg in a shorter time frame. There will be little sense. However, if you, on the contrary, lengthen the cycle, this does not mean that at the “peak” you need to proportionally increase the dosage. If you increase it, then quite a bit – by 10-20%.

Reduction or increase in exchange rates still has its limits – no more than 20-25%. The 10 week cycle can be changed to 8 or 12 weeks, no longer worth it. Otherwise, it will already turn out to be a completely different cycle and it is not at all a fact that it will be optimal.

In addition, many steroids have their own characteristics. It makes no sense to use Methandrostenolone for more than 8 weeks, the body gets used to it. And Sustanon ( Omnadren ), on the contrary, does not make sense to use in short cycles. These are long-acting steroids and are used for cycles of 7-8 weeks.

Steroid kit

And again to the drugs. You must understand that you are not tied to a rigidly developed scheme. For example, if you have chosen one of the most beloved cycles of beginners Methandrostenolone + Deca-Durabolin, then nothing prevents you from starting another drug in parallel – Primobolan or / and Winstrol , which will only enhance the effect and help build a better mass.

Another thing is that you need to carefully select the dosage so as not to overdo it. When introducing new drugs, it is best to reduce the dosage of others. In this case, slightly reduce the deck reception.


One of the most important points is the dosage of drugs. Naturally, they cannot be the same – both for beginners weighing about 80 kg and for athletes 90-100 kg. Basically, the dosage depends primarily on the experience of the athlete. If the athlete has not yet taken steroids, then the difference in weight of 10-15 kg does not play a decisive role. The muscles are not so much that it would be worth significantly increasing the dose. After all, a more massive person also has more muscle receptors, which means that the injected drug is “used” by the body more efficiently.

Therefore, you should not immediately increase the suggested dosages if you think that they are too small for your size. It’s another matter if you have already had the experience of taking chemistry, in this case the body gradually gets used to chemistry and the dosages inevitably increase. In any case, the choice of specific dosages is yours – you can either increase or decrease them, the main thing is in the regimen and the choice of drugs.

After the cycle

In the description of most of the cycles, you will see that the table often indicates 2-3 weeks more than was stated by the cycle. This is due to the fact that we have included the recovery period in the description of some cycles. Included very conditionally and superficially, simply indicating the approximate amount of gonadotropin. In reality, you yourself will have to figure out how and what to use.

Someone needs a couple of injections of gonadotropin for two weeks. Someone will also have to use Proviron. The main question that arises is when and how much to inject gonadotropin and what else to drink? We recommend approximately the following approach: the moment when they will be taken by restorative drugs you need to determine yourself. As soon as you feel that a decline has begun (as a rule – 2-4 weeks after the end of the cycle), your strength decreases – you start injecting Gonadotropin 1000 units every other day. And at the same time take Proviron according to the “pyramid” from one tablet a day to three and back to 1.

For example: 1-1-1-2-2-2-3-2-2-2-1-1-1. This will take two weeks. How much to prick, naturally, depends on the strength of the cycle. From 4000 units for a weak cycle with a deck up to 10,000-12,000 + Proviron for very serious cycles. You can use Clostilbegit , which is much better than Gonadotropin. However, given its price (and you need to drink it about two pills a day for two weeks), many will not be able to afford it.


Acne is nothing particularly scary, but also pleasant too. In addition, the use of serious androgens and the associated aromatization potential can lead to more serious effects such as gynecomastia (fatty deposits around the nipples). Therefore, with serious cycles using drugs such as Sustanon , Omnadren , etc., as a rule, starting from 5-6 weeks I use antiestrogens. Some use anti-estrogens in any case, others only if signs of aromatization appear. How exactly to proceed is up to you.

One of the most popular drugs is Proviron . Clostilbegit is also very good , which, in addition to the antiestrogenic effect, also stimulates the testicles to produce their own testosterone. Some Western athletes take a tablet of Clostilbegit for the entire cycle, as a prophylaxis against aromatization and to maintain the work of the testicles. But again, Klostilbegit is not a cheap drug.

A very powerful weapon in the fight against aromatization is Tamoxifen (Nolvadex) . However, this drug, by blocking the receptors, also reduces the effect of steroids, so it must be used carefully. Dosages of drugs also depend on the cycle and on the characteristics of a particular person. As a rule, 1-2 tablets of Proviron or Tamoxifen are taken.

As you can see, the cycles leave a lot of room for “creativity”, for adjusting the cycle depending on your goals and desires.

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