Things to remember when choosing a steroid cycle

On our website, we have provided only the most common cycles of receiving pharmacology.  They cannot be universal and equally suitable for all athletes. This is due to the fact that different drugs act on all of us in different ways, and simply with a difference in length of service, experience, initial weight among different athletes. Therefore, […]

The most common mistakes when taking steroids

Experts believe that more than two million people in the world involved in sports take steroids. Of this large army of athletes using steroids, only 10% do it right, the other 90% endanger their health. This state of affairs is largely due to the fact that the use of steroids occurs without appropriate medical supervision and with […]

On the exit from the “cycle” of AAS and the role of gonadotropin in this process

Once on the forum of one of the sites I respect, I happened to read the following maxim. I am citing it not literally, because, speaking on the forums, many for some reason prefer to resort to vocabulary, which is usually called “obscene”, and such for such a solid publication as our magazine is, for obvious […]