Growth hormone

Growth hormone: what is it?

Thanks to synthetic growth hormone, athletes can solve any problem. This anabolic agent is very effective during the period of mass gain, and also proved to be excellent as a fat burner. At the same time, everyone can buy growth hormone, regardless of gender. The fact is that GH has a rejuvenating effect on the body. That is why it is actively used by show business stars. However, we are primarily interested in the use of growth hormone in sports.

Effects of taking growth hormone

Synthetic somatotropin is a complete analogue of an endogenous substance. Growth hormone belongs to the group of polypeptide hormonal substances. Its molecule contains 191 amines. The endogenous substance is synthesized by the pituitary gland. Moreover, the effects of GH on the body depend on age. In children, it stimulates bone growth, and in adults, it exhibits high anabolic activity.

Among the positive qualities of growth hormone, it is worth highlighting:
• Stimulates the processes of hyperplasia and hypertrophy of muscle tissues.
• Possesses strong anti-catabolic properties.
• Strengthens connective tissue.
• Stimulates lipolysis processes.
• Accelerates regenerative reactions.

These are just the main effects of the drug. In practice, it is capable of producing a much more varied effect on the body. Note that some of the effects of GR are indirect. Simply put, it is not the somatotropin itself that acts on the target tissue, but the insulin-like growth factor. In this case, this substance is a kind of mediator.

Often, athletes who decide to order growth hormone for the first time are interested in the potential side effects of this medication. It should be noted right away that in comparison with AAS, growth hormone is a safer remedy. To begin with, it does not have estrogenic, androgenic or progestogenic properties. It is quite obvious that in such a situation side effects of the corresponding types simply cannot appear.

Growth hormone does not affect the secretion of endogenous testosterone. After completing the course of growth hormone, you are guaranteed not to encounter a rollback effect. Thanks to this, there is no need to carry out rehabilitation therapy. However, the risks of side effects increase as the dosage used increases. We strongly recommend that you strictly follow all recommendations for the use of GR.

Previously, this drug was only available to professional athletes. The fact is that the price of growth hormone was extremely high. Today the situation has changed due to the appearance on the market of a large number of new producers of GR. First of all, we are talking about Chinese companies.

Rules for the use of growth hormone in sports

The drug can be used not only by experienced athletes, but also by beginners, as well as women. For sports enthusiasts, the recommended daily dosage is 10 units. In this case, the duration of the course is 3-6 months. We recommend starting taking the drug with a minimum dose of 5 units. This allows you to check the body’s response to the drug. If during several days the side effects have not appeared, then increase the daily dose to 10 units. In this case, during the day you need to do 2 injections.

The drug can be very effective even solo. However, experienced athletes prefer to combine it with another farm. In the mass-gaining period, steroids – Boldenone and long Testosterones will be an excellent choice . For drying, use GH in conjunction with the appropriate anabolic steroids ( Winstrol , Testosterone Propionate , etc.), peptides and thyroid hormones . If you want, you can study the growth hormone reviews, which can be easily found on the Internet.