Injectable steroids

Injectable steroids: what are they?

Injectable steroids are a fairly large group of drugs that are introduced into the body through intramuscular injections. They are very popular among athletes and allow them to solve any problems. At the same time, athletes of different training levels can buy injectable steroids. This is due to the fact that among these drugs there are not only powerful AAS, but also having a moderate effect on the body.

Effects and benefits of injectable steroids

Any form of steroid is a synthetic male hormone or derivatives thereof. Thus, injectable and oral AAS have the same positive effects:
• Stimulate lipolysis processes.
• Allows you to gain muscle mass.
• Accelerate the recovery reactions in the body.
• Strengthens bone tissue.
• Increase power parameters, efficiency and endurance.

Of course, each drug has its own positive qualities. When compiling a course of injectable steroids, it is necessary to select an AAS in accordance with the tasks to be solved. The two forms of anabolic steroids are often contrasted with each other.

Injectable steroids have several important benefits. It is worth starting with hepatotoxicity (the ability of one or another medication to negatively affect the liver). All drugs in tablets have this indicator. For some it is low, for others it may be high. However, all oral AAS can in theory damage the liver. However, in practice this happens very rarely.

This fact is due to the fact that t ableted AAS undergo an alkylation procedure during production. Thanks to this, they are not destroyed during the passage of the alimentary tract. Injectable anabolic steroids are injected intramuscularly and do not require alkylation. It is quite obvious that they can harm the liver.

Also, the method of administration of steroids in injections indicates a higher bioavailability. Simply put, these drugs can have a stronger effect on the body. They do not need to travel through the liver to enter the bloodstream. Even alkylation does not completely protect the tableted anabolic steroids from destruction.

Many drugs in injections have a long half-life and are able to work in the body after administration for 10 or even more days. AAS tablets must be taken every day, and at least twice. Thanks to this feature, injectable anabolic steroids are able to provide a more even hormonal background. Due to these benefits, athletes often decide to order injectable steroids.

Disadvantages of injectable steroids

These drugs have few disadvantages. Even the price of injectable steroids can be quite attractive. In fact, only the way they are introduced can be ranked among the disadvantages. Not every beginner athlete will dare to give injections. In addition, with the introduction of some drugs, severe pain occurs. To get rid of them, athletes use lidocaine or vitamin B12. However, the advantages of AAS injections outweigh the disadvantages. This is evidenced by numerous reviews of injectable steroids.

Most Popular Injectable Steroids

All testosterone-based drugs should definitely be counted among the most popular anabolic injections. The only exception is testosterone suspension . This steroid must be put on every day and bodybuilders use it relatively rarely, unlike professionals.

One of the most popular AAS, without a doubt, is Testosterone Propionate . This is a relatively safe anabolic, with which you can gain quality mass and improve body shape. No less popular in sports are prolonged drugs based on the male hormone – Cypionate and Enanthate , as well as mixes – Omnadren and Sustanon . They are used to quickly gain mass and increase strength.