PCT drugs

Post cycle therapy (PCT): what is it?

It is difficult to imagine even an easy course with the participation of anabolic drugs without PCT (post-cycle therapy). Beginner athletes should remember that it is always held. The use of AAS can significantly accelerate progress. However, any of these drugs, even the lightest, has a certain set of negative effects.

Some of them appear already on the course itself, while others only after the abolition of steroids. To be able to deal with them successfully, builders need to know what drugs they have to buy for PCT.

Reasons for PCT

Rehabilitation therapy is designed to help the body to restore normal hormonal levels in a short time. Only in this case, the athlete will be able to maintain almost all the results obtained on the anabolic course. Of course, the body is able to recover on its own. However, it will take him a long time.

As soon as the builder stops taking AAS, the level of testosterone in his body begins to plummet. In this case, the level of estrogen is high. It is because of this imbalance that the rollback effect occurs. It is important to remember that PCT is performed after a course of steroids.

PCT drugs

In order to carry out correct restorative therapy, it is necessary to order drugs for PCT belonging to several groups:
• aromatase inhibitors;
• cortisol blockers;
• Gonadotropin;
• Cabergoline;
• testosterone boosters;
• selective estrogen-type receptor blockers.

Note that the price of PCT drugs in general does not seem overpriced. Not all of the medications listed above are required. If the course of steroids lasts no more than 10 weeks, and the dosages of AAS are low, then it is quite possible to do without Gonadotropin . This medication is necessary only for powerful courses. Cabergoline is only useful if the athlete is taking Nandrolones or Trenbolones . With it, you can quickly reduce prolactin levels.

Aromatase inhibitors can effectively combat the root cause of the aromatization process. Recall that this reaction is the conversion of testosterone into female hormones under the influence of a special enzyme – aromatase. Thus, drugs in this group are used only simultaneously with those anabolic steroids that are highly prone to aromatization. In this case, they should be taken directly on the course. The most popular aromatase inhibitors are Anastrozole , Proviron , Exemestane, and Letrozole .

But selective estrogen-type receptor blockers are a must for any course. They have two important properties:
• They inhibit the work of estrogens.
• Stimulates the activity of the pituitary axis.

It is these two tasks that athletes must solve during rehabilitation therapy. Also remember to take them only after completing the anabolic cycle. The most popular drugs in this group are Tamoxifen and Clomiphene Citrate .

Cortisol blockers are also highly sought after in the market. They can help slow down the production of the strongest corticosteroid hormone. It is under its influence that muscle masses are destroyed.

Testosterone boosters are most often supplements that stimulate the secretion of the male hormone. The most famous of these is Tribulus . This supplement is made from plant materials and is highly effective at low testosterone levels. However, testosterone boosters may not be used. Many athletes use them as an additional therapeutic agent.

There are very often reviews of drugs for PCT on the network. Beginning athletes should get to know them to see the importance of restorative therapy. You can get the maximum result from the use of steroids only thanks to a well-designed and conducted course.