Shipping and payment

At the moment we are working with the following payment methods:

  • Transfer to a bank card
  • QIWI


Details of the payment and delivery process:

  1. We work only on prepaid basis. No payments / surcharges in the mail – in any case. The guarantees of our decency are the reviews of our clients about us.
  2. Payment details will be sent in a letter to your email. After payment, save the document confirming the payment and send it to us via Telegram or Email.
  3. Further – we send your order within 2-3 days after confirmation of payment. All parcels are sent from the territory of UK, so you do not have to worry about it. There are no problems with the package. The sender bears all risks.
  4. Parcel insurance. You have the opportunity to insure the parcel to minimize the risks associated with the dishonesty or slovenliness of individual postal employees. It will be valid if the parcel is lost, as well as if the goods in glass containers are broken. This option can be specified in the shopping cart when placing an order. The cost will be calculated automatically.
  5. We will send the track code to you some time after sending it, within 24 hours. This is done for the safety of our courier and your parcel.
  6. Video recording of the autopsy. Please try to film the opening of the parcel. This will remove a number of questions in case of possible disputes. We are people too, sometimes we can make a mistake – put something wrong or not report. If there is a video, we will definitely send what is missing and we will definitely compensate your expectation with a gift.

If you have questions about delivery or payment, please contact us by mail or telegram.